How to underline text in Inkscape


Using Inkscape's latest official release, I created a text element, and would like to underline its text (or part of it).

How to do that?
I don't see any option to underline.

2/15/2016 9:23:00 AM

Accepted Answer

The support for the text in Inkscape is improved in these years, but there are some feature not yet implemented.

SVG standard supports text decoration and Inkscape aims to be fully compliant with SVG standard, so I've tried to add this properties at xml level, and it worked:

text-decoration: underline;

It's very simple to do: after typing your text, press the button for the XML editor:

XML editor

Your text is selected, and the corresponding XML node is selected in the editor (there is no need to find something). Now, you need to click on "style" row, add the desired CSS style at the end of the current style, (e.g. text-decoration: underline;), using a semicolon ";" as separator, and press the Set button:

Set your change

Once the attribute value is set, you see your text underlined:

Underlined text

Be aware that in order to remove the underline you need to find it in the XML attribute value and delete it manually (it's not difficult).

2/15/2016 3:36:00 PM