What is meant by an 8dp square baseline grid, in Android Material Design specification?


I am a newb. My question is from this Material Design specification document:

All components align to an 8dp square baseline grid for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

The image at the end of the question is given as an example.

I didn't know what a baseline grid is, so from my reading of this blog article, I gathered that baseline grid is an underlying structure (essentially a pattern of equally-spaced horizontal lines) that helps guide the vertical spacing and alignment of components in our design. Example image here.

So the question is that does the statement from Material Design spec. quoted above mean that the baselines (the mentioned horizontal lines) are spaced at a distance of 8 display pixels? Or what does it mean? How should a layman/newbie like me understand it?

enter image description here

2/14/2016 7:53:00 PM