Pixelated Text when Exporting JPEG from Illustrator


I have created some text art in Illustrator that I would like to print out as a poster. Whenever I save the file as a PDF (300 DPI) and print it myself the text appears crisp with no pixelation. However, I want the poster to be 18x24, which I can't do with my basic printer so when I print it I'm only printing out part of the picture, but regardless the lines are perfectly clear.

I would be fine with leaving it as a PDF, however, I've noticed most all print shops request a JPEG file for prints, which I can't figure out because based on what I've read online, JPEG files automatically reduce quality. Whenever I export the same file as a JPEG (300 PPI) the text becomes pixelated.

Is there anyway I can export this file as a JPEG and not lose quality? I've provided three images below, one is the zoomed out image, which looks fine, but the other one is a close up of the text (the letter V), which as you can see looks very pixelated.

Any help would be appreciated.

enter image description hereenter image description here

2/8/2016 10:26:00 PM

Ideally you would deliver this artwork to the printer as a vector shape in a PDF. But if you have to deliver as JPEG, there are a few ways to increase quality:

1) make sure that when you export the JPEG, the quality slider is at 100%

2) set the JPEG background color to the dominant color in your artwork

3) go higher than 300 dpi — give them a 600, 1200, or 1800 dpi master

… also make sure that the size of your artwork is correct — if they are printing at 18x24, make sure your document is actually 18x24 before you export as JPEG.

2/8/2016 10:58:00 PM