How do I stop Illustrator filling in areas of a path even when 'no fill' is assigned


I'm using a 0.5 3pt round brushstroke and no fill yet Illustrator often fills in areas where there is a loop or corner, as in the example image. How do I stop it from doing this? Fidelity is on 0.5px and smoothing is on 0. Example

2/8/2016 6:26:00 AM

This is caused by the calligraphic brush settings and the size at which you are drawing.

To fix an existing stroke:

  1. Edit the options for the brush used on the path. Lower the brush size in the options dialog. For example, reduce its size from 3 pt to 1 pt.
  2. Select the path(s) affected by the size change.
  3. Increase the Stroke size until it matches the original visual size. For example, increase from 1 pt to 3 pt.

If a calligraphic brush is not needed on the stroke, you can simply change to the Basic stroke. This removes all calligraphic properties from the stroke. Original vs Fixed

11/15/2016 6:48:00 AM