What is a free and simple program to create basic text animation?


What I'm looking for is just to have a black background and a word on top of it in white. then break the word to 2 parts, make one part disappear with a fade effect.. some of the free/open source programs don't even have a text tool so it's a must for me.. I've tried Pencil2D, Tupi, Synfig. out of all these Synfig is the closest to what I need but working in it is not fluid. I had a hard time dealing with the text and the animation timeline.

If anyone knows a good program for that I'll be happy to know.. it has to be: 1. Free 2. Have a timeline 3. Have a text tool. 4. Export as video.

Thank you very much! :)

2/6/2016 1:32:00 AM

Well, there is a program I have used in the past, it was called VideoPad Video Editor from NCH Software, it has all the free features you need:

  • Add a bank clip
  • Add new text clip to project
  • Transitions to change from one text clip (the one with the full word) to another (the one with the word cut in half)
  • Plus it has a very simple timeline

It's pretty easy to use, it's the easiest I have ever used.

enter image description here

2/6/2016 9:51:00 AM