How do I get a transparent background in Illustrator CC?


I need help trying to make a transparent background. I do realize that the transparency is there, but I have enabled "Show transparent background" and there is still a white background behind my image. I know this sounds noobish, but this is my first time with Illustrator, I don't usually do work with it, I had to for this one time. Here's something I made to upload here to show as an example of what I mean. **EDIT:**Since I had some comments that require answers, and I just registered so I dont have enough rep to reply, this is how I'm going to do it. The image was a raster image, brought it over to Illustrator and traced it already, what you see in the image is a vector image (traced). Until now, I used the pen tool and selected the surrounding, selected the whole image and created a clipping mask, that got rid of most of the white background, however, because of my bad use of the pen tool, it leaves an outline on the shape, so I still have trouble with it.

2/3/2016 3:52:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Used the Magic Wand tool and selected the white space background, then pressed the delete button on my keyboard and done. It is a bit weird because I tried that before and it didn't work, I don't know how it worked this time. FINAL ANSWER: A comment on the post, moderator Vincent, provided the answer. On my real project it also removed some white parts of the content as well, but I can put those back. Thank you, Vincent. P.S.: I submitted the form for accidental multiple accounts.

2/3/2016 3:26:00 PM