Illustrator clipping mask leaves an outline


This question has already been asked a couple times: here and here*. Those question's answers do not satisfy me, however, and I think it is a slightly different issue. Besides, I'm using Illustrator CS6.

Say, I have a white object on a coloured background:

enter image description here

And I apply a clipping mask to it like so:

enter image description here

No matter my colour settings or way of exporting, I tend to end up with very visible coloured lines marking the places where the mask cuts off the white shape:

enter image description here

Is there a way to avoid this glitch? Oddly enough, it doesn't pop up when I punch out the object and then clip the resulting punched shape and place the result on the regular white background.

The fact that the offending line is lighter than the actual colour I use, makes me think it has something to do with pixel alignment. I do, however, kind of refuse to work with pixel alignment, because it prevents me from exact positioning. And I wonder how I would have to solve the issue on a clipping mask that is, say, hexagonal:

enter image description here

*Scott/SOIA's solution to this question, unchecking 'Anti-Aliased Artwork', doesn't do the trick for me, especially when exporting to *.jpg.

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM

Could be to do with anti-aliasing as well...

A workaround would be to use Pathfinder > Divide instead of a clipping mask. Will work for simple shapes like this, but if your artwork is a lot more complex it might need a more methodical pathfinder approach.

Because you're left with just the shapes that make up the graphic and nothing more (ie, no background colours inside clipping masks), there are no leftover artefacts or faint lines to mess things up.

Select all and click Pathfinder > Divide: Select all and click Pathfinder > Divide

Remove the bits you don't need:

enter image description here

1/27/2016 1:57:00 PM