colors change when copying and pasting from image to new photoshop document


I am trying to cut/copy a selection from a photo I took of a watercolor, but when i copy it (cmd-c and cmd-shift-c) into a new layer the lighter part in the yellow, pink and green turn really grey. I've tried edit>convert to profile and messed around with that, and I've also tried to make the new documents in CMYK Color and RGB Color. nothing seems to work. I've attached an image of the two documents arranged vertically. the pallet on top is the pasted result and the image on the bottom is the photo I took. I did adjust the image contrast, vibrance and brightness a bit.

Thank you so much.

screen shot

1/19/2016 9:23:00 PM

I think the problem here is an issue of perception and light.

If you take a look at your original scan, the paper is not completely white. It is gray. So your colors are the watercolor on top of gray. When you then transfer to a completely white background, you can more clearly see the gray in the original.

Adjust the original scanned image (either re-scan or adjust the levels) until the background is actually white and try again. Your colors should be closer to how they look in the original paper.

1/28/2016 8:21:00 AM