Best free program to view 3D models in Collada format?


I'm working on a software project which requires some 3D models. We hired a freelance modeler and she just delivered the first model in Collada format.

For now, I just want to see what it looks like (rendering will come later). I have tried:

Collada import plugin for Caligari trueSpace, by "Clintonman"

This one never worked. I followed the instructions for installation, but when I try to use it, it pops up an error message. Googling for the message didn't come up with anything.

Ballistic3D Collada model viewer

I can run this one, but when I open up the model, nothing appears. No errors or anything appear in the application log.

colladaAirViewer, by Anthony Scavarelli

I was able to install and run this one. When I try to load the model, it starts churning away, using 100% of CPU and 500MB of memory, but after 15 minutes, the model still doesn't appear.

colladaAirViewer is telling me that the model has 143104 triangles. Is it strange to have such a large number? Perhaps this is why it is taking so long to draw.

Can anyone recommend a better (free) model viewer, which works with Collada files?

12/25/2013 12:01:00 AM

Try blender

It apparently support natively Collada


3/19/2012 12:09:00 PM