Copy-and-paste Sketch artboard into different Sketch document without overwriting symbols in different artboards



I have a Sketch file within which there are multiple artboards. Each artboard details a screen of a web app UI I’m designing. There are many symbols/styles used across the artboards.

I want to try out different colour schemes in the design of the UI so I’ve created a new document and pasted various artboards in.


For the first artboard I pasted in, I made changes to colours throughout the UI. However, whenever I paste a new artboard (from the original Sketch file) all the styles I’ve created in the new document are overwritten by styles/symbols coming from the original document.


How can I copy-and-paste a Sketch artboard into a different Sketch document without overwriting the symbols or styles that have been changed in that document?

1/18/2016 1:21:00 PM

There's no perfect solution for this but my guess is the easiest way is to do this:

  1. Duplicate artboard in original file
  2. Detach all elements from symbol
  3. Copy/paste artboard into new file
  4. Change elements as needed

I assume you'll be fiddling with the colors in some screens, not a whole bunch of them. If you need to repeat the same change multiple times you could always create another symbol under a different name. This way you would have to update the file as you change the original but since it's just for color prototyping I wouldn't worry too much about small changes.

9/15/2016 12:47:00 PM