Importing logo from Photoshop to Illustrator


I'm not an expert with these tools at all, so my question might be stupid and the terms totally wrong.

How do I get a logo from Photoshop to Illustrator so as the quality remains still good and sharp?

I'm using the latest version of InDesign CC. I'm wondering why imported images look so bad, even when "Display Performance" is set to High Quality Display.

It looks OK within Photoshop but when I transfer it to Illustrator, it gets worse. Both documents' resolutions are set at 300 DPI. Should I convert them to 600 DPI or something like that? Should I import it as an image or Photoshop file? What would be the best way?

I believe that if an image is the right size and DPI within Photoshop and no scaling would occur, the image should be the same after importing it to Illustrator?

I'm not sure how the logo (PSD file with layers) is created with Photoshop, but I also have an EPS vector file that contains the edges of the logo.

The logo within Photoshop is created using this vector file, then some Photoshop effects are applied to it.

Is it possible to use any vector graphics within Photoshop or it is just bitmap always? If that's possible, then hopefully those edges could still be vectors. Is there any Photoshop EPS format or something like that?

Anyway if the edges + effects are at right resolution/DPI and result is looking good within Photoshop, I believe I should get that to Illustrator without quality loss if scaling is not needed.

Hopefully this is not totally confusing :D

9/12/2016 1:02:00 PM

If your logo is made up of all shapes and line then you don't need to do anything you can always increase the size of your images without loosing the quality. You can change the resolution, Width/height without loss of quality and you also do not need to transform your logo into vector format.

I have never never created any image more that 300 Resolution in my entire career because there is no need. The printer that print the image at 300 resolution will give you the same result at 600 and will consume more ink. Although the resolution of 300 is also a very high number, Today, many printers can print very Good images in between 72 & 96 resolution its also depend on the type of material and USES(like for printing banners, posters, brochures etc).

If you want to use your logo for web then 72 resolution is Enough (Concentrate mainly on image sizes)

but if you PSD is all raster then you have to recreate your logo in Illustrator. there is no short-cut for that.

1/13/2016 11:22:00 AM