Adjusting underline in InDesign


i have a question to do with formatting in Indesign. i'm currently working on a pre-existing document/brochure template at work which as been used in the past a presentation tool. As i'm repurposing this tool i'm working through and adjusting visual elements eg. colour and imagery to suit the client but ive got stuck on this underline that used for on the section titles. the underline adjusts size based on the size of the text frame not the text itself.

could anyone explain how to adjust this underline, and more specifically the colour? i cant seem to find any option within the paragraph/character styles.

i've attached a image for reference as i'm not the best explainer ;)

enter image description here

1/12/2016 11:53:00 PM

That is a rule. In inDesign it is called a paragraph rule, and you can get to the configuration dialog via the paragraph palette drop-down menu, or via ctrl+alt+j/opt+cmd+j.

You can also set rules in styles.

1/13/2016 7:27:00 PM