InDesign antialiasing options


Is there any options for antialiasing? I don't like how InDesign draw fonts. It's especially bad when you use zoom (in example, to fit spread in window). Pages (equivalent for MS Word on MacOS) do it much-much better, but Pages not even close to InDesign as working tool.

Clickable comparison: enter image description here

1/12/2016 11:44:00 AM

InDesign has three levels of display quality. To change this, choose Edit → Preferences → Display Performance (Windows) or InDesign → Preferences → Display Performance (Mac).

You can then select one of the following settings:

Fast: optimizes performance, the entire image or graphic is grayed out.

Typical (Default): This setting makes bitmaps look a little blocky, particularly if you zoom in. The speed of zooming in and out is increased if you select this option. InDesign uses a preview that it created (or that was already imported with the file) to display the image on the screen.

High Quality: The original image is used to display onscreen. You can preview an accurate depiction of the final layout, but you may find that InDesign runs slowly when you use this option.

Please note that InDesign is a software to create editorial pieces with lots of pages. If you don't have a powerful computer don't use the high quality setting because InDesign will run much slower.

Don't worry if the text looks pixelated or out of focus. When you export into an High Quality PDF it will look good.

1/13/2016 11:38:00 PM