How to undo cropping "artboard" in Photoshop CC


After I've used the Cropping Tool (without Delete Cropped Pixels selected), how do I get back to the original image with absolutely no cropping ratios selected. I click on and off to see the original and the previously cropped area, but there's no way to just see the original anymore. It always pops a dialog, "do you want to crop the image?", and it doesn't matter if I click yes or no it goes to the previously cropped area.

1/7/2016 6:22:00 PM

If you want to undo a cropped selection, use CTRL/CMD + Z to undo.

If you want to clear any preset ratio settings, just click the "Clear" button.

clear ratio button

You can also select the drop down menu to select different crop presets including the original image ratio.

Original ratio presets

If you want to find the width and height of the original image. You can CTRL/CMD + Left Click on the thumbnail of the layer. Then go to "Info" panel to view the width and height.

width and height info

If all else fails, you can enlarge the canvas to the image you want and then crop holding shift.

1/7/2016 6:37:00 PM