Photoshop: Rounding Corners/Edges on Text/Font


I would like to have this: enter image description here

Turn into this: enter image description here

I used the "stroke" effect set to "outside" with 169px to get it nice and thick. However, the effect does not produce completely smooth corners. See here: enter image description here

What is the best way to round font/text edges and get a perfect smooth result? I am open to any suggestions, it does not have to be the "stroke" method.

Edit: Ok not all suggestions:I do not want to use "Quick Mask Mode/Gaussian Blur"

12/27/2015 6:06:00 PM

Accepted Answer

I think you are using blending options for applying stroke to get a round corner

You could use this method (works with Photoshop CS6 or Above) for your required result (for a smooth rounded corner)

  1. After creating your text Right click on the layer and select Convert to shape.
  2. Select your shape with the help of Direst selection tool and apply a stroke with the required thickness.
  3. In Stroke Option select Align: to centre or outside and Corners: to Smooth.

enter image description here

Here's is my result

enter image description here

12/27/2015 7:21:00 PM