GIFs on PowerPoint 2010 running at a lower frame rate than actual


As the title suggests. I have to put a GIF I made on Flash in a PowerPoint presentation. But when I run the presentation, the GIF runs on a dreadfully low frame rate. Is this issue fixed in later versions of PowerPoint? Or is there a fix to it in the 2010 version itself? Or if there's another software I could use to make presentations which run the GIF properly?

I did search for this, but I could only find forum queries which were unanswered.

8/24/2017 6:57:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Different applications (mainly browsers, but in this case Powerpoint), interpret frame delays differently. IE, for example, historically seemed to render gifs slower than other browsers.

As you said in one of your comments, changing the timing in the gif solved the problem. While browsers seem to have tricks for normalizing speed in gifs, Powerpoint's render is probably very basic, considering its basic (or non-existant) support for other image formats like SVG. So this seems to be a case where you need to modify your gif to meet Powerpoint's needs.

The other solution is to convert the gif to a video format and use the video instead. That would be my approach if the animation was very important to the presentation. (If it wasn't important to the presentation, then I'd actually remove it--personally, I think animations and transitions in slideshows are distracting and pull attention away from the speaker)

See also: Why is this gifs animation speed different in Firefox vs IE?

4/13/2017 12:33:00 PM

Only because it hasn't been mentioned: Are you inserting the GIF file as an image? From experience, this results in slow, laggy playback with lots of dropped frames.

The solution?

Insert the GIF as a video file (Insert > Video from file) then set its properties to play automatically and loop until stopped.

That's it! ;)