Exporting from illustrator to A4


I know its basic, but i have an A4 artboard in Illustrator . I would like to send it to printing , and they want it to be in pdf.

I afraid that the sizes definitions will change.

So, when i export it as png, what PPI should i use ? the 72 ? can i use higher(150/300) one and keep the sizes the same ?

I am on a mac so latter i open it with preview and export to pdf .

12/22/2015 10:17:00 AM

First, don´t be afraid, if you create A4 file and you save it, they´ll be in A4 size and its not gonna change ( so, if you go to print and you don´t select A4 in your print settings they´ll change, take care of it)

To save your PDF to optimal print always save it in "High Quality Print" (if you want to make lighter file unmark "Preserve illustrator editing capabilities" this let you posible email sending)

Save PDF settings

To save docs for print in .png always in 300 ppi (previous check the "use artboard box" for correct size)

enter image description here

Export png settings

12/23/2015 11:31:00 PM