Exporting PNG & JPG blurry, can resize in gmail with no blur


I've seen a few questions similar to this, but haven't found an exact answer. Please direct me if you find a thread that can answer this.

I've tried exporting a png and a jpg for a email signature and now matter what I do they are blurry. What is the best way to export a png or jpg for an email signature? (I've recreated the signature in indesign, illustrator and photoshop, it doesn't matter the program or how I export, nothing seems to change)

There is a logo and text in the signature, it needs to be somewhere around 440px wide by 80px high. I cannot upload screen shots of the actual design.

NOW, the weird thing-- so if I export the signature at a higher dpi and resize it in gmail as an embedded image it is perfectly sharp no matter how small I make it. Why can I make the signature smaller in gmail, but not in illustrator, indesign, or photoshop?

I need to be able the export the file at the correct size as either a jpg or png because of the way my company distributes the imagery for signatures, so I can't just resize within gmail. The actual file needs to be the correct size for upload.

Things I've tried...

Anti-aliasing vs. no antialiasing changing dpi changing size of file before exporting and then reducing size save for web and every single preference you can possibly imagine different quality levels art vs. type optimized

I've exported way too many of these. I would really appreciate any hep anyone has to offer. Thanks!

12/2/2015 3:20:00 AM

If you are saving for web from Illustrator, make sure to use "snap to pixel" enter image description here for type, for objects, use the Transform panel and use "align to pixel grid" and when you save for web, use png24 and select "type optimized). You can reduce the file size using this very useful website: "Tiny png" https://tinypng.com/

1/4/2016 4:16:00 PM