How to make a "barrel" shape from a flat image (?)


If you have a flat image ie logo you want glue onto a cylindrical "package" to show final product -- what free s/w package (or script) do you use?

(I use inkscape and gimp to create flat art with no real knowledge of 3D editing except perspective in gimp)

11/30/2015 9:05:00 AM

If you are starting from an image, and you must insert the label, I suggest you to use the GIMP.

A. Suggested method with the GIMP

A very simple way to "glue" your label onto a cylindrical package is shown here (not my work):

B. Have some fun with the GIMP

Alternatively, you can generate the cylinder using the GIMP's built-in Map Object plug-in, which provides a way to project an image on a cylindrical surface.

The start image will be mapped on the lateral surface of the cylinder, and I've seen that is better start from a square image (either, you need to resize the resulting image), for example:

start image

If you need to show the top or the bottom of the cylinder, you should also provide something like this:

top image

Now, you can invoke the filter: Filter -> Map -> Map Object...

the filter

The filter has some options:

filter options

The final image:

final image

You can also start with an image with an alpha background:

final image alpha

So... have fun with the GIMP!

have fun!

C. Alternatives with the GIMP

There are obviously a lot of alternatives, like the Panorama Tools Plugins. It could be a little tricky to use, but is very interesting.

11/30/2015 2:14:00 PM