Illustrator timelapse


I was wondering how to make illustrator workflow time lapse ? (e.g. Something like this). Right now I just take screen shot after each step and then stitch together. It is very time consuming and distraction for workflow. Is there any other efficient way?

11/22/2015 12:49:00 AM

Accepted Answer

I have used Chronolapse in the past without any problems.

You can specify it to take png or jpg screenshots, the region of the screenshots, and how often (one per second is usually a good speed).

It comes with a tool to stitch the screenshots together. Alternatively, you can import them as a sequence in After Effects or maybe even Photoshop.

11/26/2015 10:20:00 PM

The way i see it your options are:

  • video capture software.

    • You can as a alternative postprocess this and pick frames out of the video later if you want. Benefit of this is that its not interfering with your work. If eating up memory does not bother you.
  • you can tie a hotkey to capture the screen on disk. Software like snagit can do this. Problem is it is easy to forget to capture and you cant capture at the same time as you press other hotkeys (Which is why i built a footpedal). This is the best option for short captures.

  • You can rebuild the video from undo in reverse. Offcourse this means you have somewhat linear steps and sufficently long undo. You also do not get mouse.

  • You can also record just mouse and keyboard intraction. Then rebuild the workflow. There are no commercial tools for this. But if you can make your own then this option allows for ultimate coreography.