Why can't i modify the text on this InDesign template?


I'm new to InDesign so I fully accept I'm probably doing something stupid.

editing in InDesign

I've been given a template for making an a 7x5 card. I've managed to add the images okay but when I try to edit the text either by triple clicking on it or dragging the T tool to it Im unable to select the existing 'Image Title' text for modification.

What am I doing wrong ?

11/17/2015 11:41:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Don't edit text on a master page. They are for repeating elements only, and you may actually forget to include such a page in your actual document (in which case it will not appear in your output), or use it more than once (and you end up with two same pages).

First "apply" that master to a blank new page so all of its elements appear, then use Cmd (or Ctrl)+Shift plus a mouse double-click on the element to make a local copy on your actual page, and edit at will. InDesign will remember you 'detached' the object from a master, and the original will disappear from that one page.

If you are serious about working with InDesign, consider taking an online course (Lynda) or buy a good beginner's tutorial book (anything from Sandee Cohen for your version). (For one, they will both remind you of the proper capitalization of the trademarked name "InDesign" 😉)

11/16/2015 6:49:00 PM