Exporting to High Quality Print InDesign - preserving all fonts/text - Create Outlines?


I'm just about to export a brochure for printing in InDesign (CS4)

What is the correct way to export the document so that the fonts used throughout will display properly at the printers.

I have used create outlines in the past, but just read that using create outlines is unsuitable particularly for body text.


3/2/2012 10:29:00 AM

Accepted Answer

In general, all of the fonts you use should be embedded when you export it using one of the existing PDF presets (in fact, I believe that it's a major piece of work to not have the fonts automatically embed).

The only issue you may have is if you're using some bizarre font with strange permissions (e.g., the trial version of a font, a font that someone doesn't want people outside their organization to have, etc.), at which point InDesign should let you know that it was unable to embed a font properly.

The actual mechanics: File -> Export... Pick your settings and export the file as a .pdf. You could shoot it over to a co-worker to see if they can view all the fonts in the document on a different machines, and then email it to your printer.

3/2/2012 6:49:00 PM

Lawndartcatcher is correct about fonts. I would merely suggest you choose "PDFX1-a" for a job option when exporting to PDF from Indesign.

PDFx1a is the press standard for PDFs and will ensure the file contains all the proper information.