How can I avoid auto-adjusting of the text dimensions in Inkscape?


When I create a text object in Inkscape, it automatically clips it and adjusts the dimensions of the object so it occupies as small area as possible. This might be useful in certain cases, but in many cases you might want to keep the font size matched while resizing them to a specific dimensions (when two separate text objects with the same font size occupy different heights or lengths).

Or in even worse case scenario, you might want to align two objects with different dimensions (but the same font size) so that the characters are aligned correctly; for example, if one text is "acemnors" and another is "abcdefgh", you cannot align "a" with "a", "c" with "c", "e" with "e", etc., because the first string only contains characters that occupy the middle area, while the second string contains "b", "d", "f", "g", and "h" as well.

Also, if you're trying to leave a margin of a certain distance and different characters occupy a different area, it'll eventually break the margin if you change the text content, or if you add an aligned text that contains different characters.

So, is there a way to get rid of this feature and create a text dimensions of which will contain the kerning so it won't be affected by the characters it contains? For example, LibreOffice Draw does this by default (see the pictures).



LibreOffice Draw

6/24/2016 4:16:00 PM

It is not possible to make the bounding boxes bigger such that the text objects fgh and aeu have the same bounding box height. However, you can align text objects on the text baseline, which should solve your problems.

snap to baseline Snap to baseline
This snapping option helps you when moving text manually. The baseline will snap to grids/etc. (depending on the other snapping settings). Watch out for your text alignment. The snapping point will be on the left-hand side for left-aligned text and on the right-hand side for right-aligned text.

align by baseline Align by baseline
Select multiple text objects and align them horizontally or vertically. You are probably interested in the lower button, which aligns the selected text objects as if they were written in one line.

distribute by baseline Distribute by baseline
Select multiple text objects and distribute them evenly along the x or y axis. You are probably interested in the lower button, which evenly divides the y-space between the baselines.

The following picute shows where you can find these buttons.

align text by baseline

9/29/2016 5:47:00 PM