Problem exporting .svg to .pdf using inkscape


I have a problem when exporting (or "saving as") some .svg files into .pdf using Inkscape. For some reason, some random "small" parts of the pictures are not rendered. Is there a way to "force" inkscape to export everything, is there a solution another software I could use instead ?

Here is an example file: svg file here and pdf file here. The round bits of the notes are not rendered in the pdf.

(I use the latest version of Inkscape (0.91))

10/8/2015 1:22:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Inkscape's pdf generation is usually very good so I wouldn't go complicating matters with additional software/tools.

Sometimes a file benefits from the objects being ungrouped. Sometimes you'll find that a slightly open object won't export happily and sometimes flipping the direction of a path helps.

I've had a quick play with your file and I'm stumped as to why it won't export the simple ovals. If I were you I'd quickly re-add these elements as a test oval I added exported fine.

I notice that you're using filter effects - bear in mind that these result in non vector elements which may cause you trouble. They get rasterised at a resolution that you set on pdf export.

10/8/2015 1:50:00 PM