Illustrator CS5 Import/combine files as artboards


I have about 8 PDF (not one PDF with multiple pages, each a single PDF with single pages), AI editable files. I have been searching around and playing around with illustrator, but haven't had any success, unless of course I want to copy and paste everything, but that is a pain and time consuming.

Is there anyway to import a file into an AI doc as an artboard?

5/21/2018 3:20:00 PM

Accepted Answer

For only 8 pages I would manually place the PDF's. You can place all of the PDF's in 1 swoop.

Placing multiple files at once seems to only work in Illustrator CC*. See Illustrator Help / Place multiple files | Illustrator CC.

1) Go to Object -> Artboards -> Fit to artwork bounds.

2) Go to File -> Place and select all of the PDFs to open.

3) Left click to place each of the PDF's.

4) Select the Artboard Tool (Shift+0) and click on each PDF. The artboard will now be the size of the PDF.

*The process works but earlier version of Adobe Illustrator will not be able to select multiple files at a time to place when going to File -> Place. For this process to work in earlier version you will need to do it one by one.

10/6/2015 9:16:00 PM