In gimp, anyone know how to remove the background of text logo with image inside it? create a watermark


I've created a simple text logo in gimp with an image inside of it. I don't know how to delete the black background I have and only have the text with the word left in it.

When I go to delete the black background the full image I used for the text stay completely intact, covering my text logo.

I just want the text with the image inside so i can use it as a watermark on flyers. thanks enter image description here

enter image description here

10/1/2015 5:24:00 AM

The best way to do this is using a layer mask. A layer mask is basically a black and white layer telling the layer what to show (white) and what not (black). The upside of this is that you never lose your original image and can always edit it later if you need to.

Step 1: put the image in Gimp

Step 2: create a text layer with your text, style it as you wish

Step 3: select the text with the color select tool. Invert your selection (ctrl-i or select > invert)

Step 4: select the bottom layer (image), right-click it and select 'add layer mask

Step 5: Select White from dialogue and click add (you'll see a white layer next to the image thumbnail in the layers panel)

Step 6: Select the white layer, Select you brush tool and choose black as the foreground color. Hide the text layer by clicking the eye icon on the left.

Step 7: Now you can use the paintbrush to 'remove' everything from the image outside your text by painting black on the image layer.

Step 8: Deselect (ctrl-shift-a) and done!

text to logo in Gimp

This method has some upsides:

  1. you never lose your original text layer, so you can always go back to edit it

  2. you never lose your original image. just disable or remove the mask to restore it.

10/1/2015 7:22:00 AM