Convert a vector logo into a Monochrome Bitmap in illustrator


I have designed a logo in illustrator CC 2014 and it's dimensions are 128px x 32px enter image description here

which I want to convert into a Monochrome Bitmap picture. I have tried the solution from this forum. Still blurred image. I also tried using Microsoft Paint but still the quality is deteriorated as shown below.

How do I convert the vector image of dimensions 128px x 32px into a Monochrome Bitmap without losing the quality? Please help.

9/19/2015 4:30:00 AM

Accepted Answer

If the file is an illustrator (vector) file, reduce it's size to 32px high and alter the color so everything is either black or white (no grays).

Save the file as an Illustrator file once you have done the above.

Then open the Illustrator file with Photoshop and rasterize it. Note, simply opening it should rasterize it, if by chance it opens as a smart object, then merge it with a blank layer to rasterize it or use the contextual menu to rasterize the smart object layer.

This should result in an RGB 33x32px image. (or roughly that size)

Use Image > Mode > Greyscale to remove the color data from the image.

Use Image > Canvas Size to set the canvas to 128px wide.

Use Image > Mode > Bitmap to convert the file to bmp format. If you want the size of the image to remain the same, then you need the output to match the input - so 72PPi -- this is a VERY low resolution for a bmp image. This isn't going to reproduce wonderfully in print. But in print you'd probably not use a BMP image anyway. You have not described why you need the BMP format.

The result is a black circle with some blob in the middle, see below (minus the pink).

enter image description here

(Edges could be a tad smoother, but that is going to require you to manually use a small brush, like 1px in diameter, and go in and add or remove individual pixels to better define areas. The BMP format does not allow "grey" pixels so you won't get any anti-aliasing.)

If your desire is a clearly identifiable one color logo, the logo needs to be reworked to meet this size. It is simply not a good logo for one color at this size.

9/19/2015 4:49:00 AM