What do I do if I don't own the client's brand font?


I'm a newbie and haven't had this happen yet — I have a client with a set brand, and I do not own one of her font types. What should I do? Do I ask her for the file? It's not free...

6/17/2016 1:08:00 PM

It'll depend.

Some companies will own the font outright (being a font they paid to have created).

Some companies will have a license for the commercial font that they can allow their vendors to use (designers and printers).

Some companies won't have either.

At that point you have a few options. If it's a font you think would be useful elsewhere--you go ahead and purchase a license and treat it as a part of doing business (just as buying a computer is). Otherwise, if it's a font unique to only this client, then you'd want to stipulate in your contract that you will bill the client directly for a license.

9/9/2015 1:07:00 AM