Software for Calendar Designing


Which is the best software of making a calendar. Coreldraw or Illustrator? What is the standard size of calendar? And is there any inbuilt format or template fro making calendar in both Corel or Illustrator? Also, even though Photoshop is a rasterised software but still wanted to ask can it be designed in Photoshop also?

3/21/2017 9:05:00 AM

Accepted Answer

I know you asked between Coreldraw and Illustrator but I would recommend laying out the calendar with a publishing program like quarkxpress or Indesign. You can always use Photoshop or another program to create elements of the calendar.

Coreldraw or Illustrator: Whichever one you feel comfortable using.

Calendar Size: A calendar can be any size but 8.5x11 and 11x14 are pretty common sizes.

Pre-made templates:

You can find templates by searching something like "illustrator 2015 calendar template"

Sandee Cohen has written a detailed article which goes over how to create a calendar in Indesign. He uses the Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard to make the template.

Can you use Photoshop: Yes you could, but you should not be using Photoshop (heck, you can make a calendar in Powerpoint if you really wanted to). It would be a lot more work to design a calendar in Photoshop rather than using a publishing program like quarkxpress or Indesign.

9/2/2015 4:01:00 PM