I am building an online game that works with images. The user has to guess who's in the altered image that the website displays. So far so good just that if the user does a google search for the image he can find the answer within seconds.

How should I alter the image in order to get it off the google images search?

EDIT: The images I use are already available on google. eg: Barrack Obama. We use images of well known people in our game. That's why I wanted to edit them and avoid the google search

8/20/2015 2:02:00 PM

If you need to use images that are well known (or at least are searchable online) you can mess up the way Google recognize the images by doing small changes to the images. You need to destroy the patterns that make the image easy to associate.

For example, with face recognition or pictures that are already online:

  1. You can change the background color and use a color that will "merge" the image of the subject with it
  2. AND then you also do a flip horizontal and add an angle to the image.


This is an example of an original, Google recognize it instantly:

Happy Little Trees Bob Ross FTW

This is the result on Google image search of the original image:

Everybody knows this lovely guy


This is a modified version:

Bob Ross still the best

This is the result on Google image search of the modified image:

Master of all

You have no choice in doing something like this since your issue is not the indexing; your issue is probably that other sites have the image indexed and people can save your image and do a reverse search of it (If I understood the question well.)

Make some tests, flip the image, rotate a bit, add a pattern to the background, etc. You'll find a formula that works for you. My example is a crude one!

Barack Obama example


Barack Obama Original

Search result:

Search Result original Obama


Barack Obama modified

Search result of modified:

Obama mofidied

8/20/2015 2:23:00 PM