Can't save my Photoshop work as a .png anymore


Recently I made an Windows update on my computer, but since the update I can't save my projects as a .png anymore.

This is a major problem for me, because I'm building up the website for our company and I need pictures with transparent backgrounds.

Is this problem relating to the Windows update I've made and why didn't it occur before?

Screenshot showing no PNG option given

8/12/2015 7:06:00 AM

Ensure that your colour profile is set to RGB, you cannot save a CMYK doc as a .png file and therefore will not get the option in your dropdown menu when saving. (Click Image > Mode to do this)

You may have made a document with a bit/channel in excess of 16bit png will not support this. See this site for more details on png specifications.

...There is also the File > Save for Web option! ;)

(In newer versions of Photoshop CC though the function to save for web is still there, the navigation has changed however the keyboard shortcuts are still as follows: ctrl + alt + shift + s (win) or cmd + opt + shift + s (Mac))

Hope this helps!

8/12/2015 8:01:00 AM