Adding individual guest names to a wedding invitation in illustrator


I have designed a wedding invitation in illustrator (CS6) that I need to add about 60 individual guests names to the invitation and get the printer to print for me.

I am after a suggestion on how do do the names and how to get all the files print ready for the printer with the usual bleeds and trim marks. I have limited experience in coding etc.

The document I have with the names is saved as a excel document.

8/9/2015 5:08:00 AM

Illustrator can do this, no problems, its just easier in inDesign. You need to use variables to modify the text. See the manual for a more in depth discussion of how this works. Do this:

Load the data

First the hard part, reading the data from the excel file. Unfortunately, Adobe Illustrator does not support CSV files for a data source. They do, read XML though. Fortunately, Prepression has been kind enough to write a Illustrator script that does this for you. The script is called VariableImporter. With this tool at hand let us begin:

  1. Save your excel table as a CSV or TSV file.
  2. Read the data in with VariableImporter.

The script is a bit temperamental but test a few things first.

Make the image dynamic

  1. Open the variables window from Window → Variables.
  2. Select your text object that you want to change.
  3. In variables window click the make text dynamic button with suitable data column selected.

    Make text dynamic

    Image 1: Make text dynamic on selected text.

    You can now test the different record in action. Data in set

    Image 2: Test dataset.

  4. Repeats 1-3 steps until you have all you want to change.

Export each variable as a PDF.

To export the data sets into multiple pdf files do this:

  1. Make a new action where you save a pdf document.
  2. From the menu in Actions window corner, select Batch...


    Image 3: Export the data sets to individual PDF files.

    Set the source to Data Sets, Override save commands, and a folder.

8/24/2016 8:45:00 PM