How to display data labels in Illustrator graph function (pie graph)?


I am trying to make a pie graph that has both the data labels (e.g. 33%) and the series name (e.g. "apples"). Here is an example below.

enter image description here

It seems this can only be accomplished through manually entering the data. This is easily done in Excel, so it seems like it's a missed opportunity if it can't be done in Illustrator.

Also, the problem with doing it manually is that I have 50 graphs to make. Is there any other way? Say using some kind of reference?

And lastly, if anyone has resources more broadly for data visualization in Illustrator, please share them! It seems like there are always features that are lacking between Excel, Mac Numbers and Illustrator when pulling them into InDesign. How do you make graphic-rich, data-driven, beautiful documents?

8/8/2015 11:25:00 PM

The illustrator graph tool, while useful, hasn't been updated since the 1990s. Adobe simply don't care about it. Working with it is all about horrible clunky workarounds, unfortunately.

Maybe there's some trick I'm unaware of, but here's the best workaround I can think of:

  • In excel or similar, create a row or column next to your data that includes both lines of text separated by something unique. For example, "7%#Apples", where # is only used as a placeholder for line breaks. This could be a formula like =a2&"%#"&a1
  • Copy this row or column alongside the data into the crappy spreadsheet imitator in Illustrator
  • In Graph Type, make sure legend is set to "Legend in wedges"
  • Apply any styles etc

enter image description here

  • Copy your graph (so you still have a "live" graph off the artboard somewhere for new or ammended data), and make any copies for other graphs, as after this step we'll break the graphs into regular shapes
  • Ungroup the graph, and Edit > Find Replace, swapping the unique string like # from earlier with Forced line break from the special characters @ menu.

enter image description here

8/10/2015 11:43:00 AM