Where Can I Find Stock Photos Large Enough for a Billboard?


Wondering if anyone here has ever designed a billboard incorporating stock photography. I've been searching and searching, but I can't find anything at the dimensions I'm look for!

8/6/2015 5:16:00 PM

I've designed billboards for a few different vendors. Most of them have requested 1 tenth scale (something like 14" x 48") at 300ppi. The amount of pocket/bleed room will differ per vendor. Each vendor may have quite different requirements, but in my experience, stock art listed as high or very high resolution will most likely be just fine. Keep in mind that most viewers are going to be tens of yards away, making the medium much more forgiving that a poster or something you hold in your hand to view. An important distinction will be to ask if the billboard is traditional or video. More and more suppliers are switching to LED video boards, which have their own set of requirements (RGB vs CMYK, etc.) Congrats on getting a billboard client, and good luck!

8/6/2015 7:04:00 PM