Font for representing Unicode non‐printable characters


I need a good font for representing control characters. And it seems one is installed on my system and that my keyboard layout creator software use it as it’s default installed font (I have thousands of fonts installed so it’s difficult to find a particular one)..
The various font services I tried identifies characters inside the symbols. And I couldn’t found one which is able to select the whole symbols.

I tried to look at opened files by the process. I searched for an alternative, but I couln’t found one which is able to represent special spaces as well as ʀʟᴍ characters or the ᴢᴡᴊ (of course I also need to represent all of the characters on the image).
I know for things like the The Unicode Last Resort Font or The Unicode BMP Fallback font but I need a descriptive way to represent them (not simply use numbers) for each of them. Also it seems they don’t exist in the ɢɴᴜ unifont.

Note that it can be an another font which would allow to display those characters, it doesn't have to be the font of this picture. Also I tried to run the software on a very old windows® version and the chars didn’t appeared, So the font is present on every windows but I don’t know which one is it.

8/3/2015 1:34:00 PM

While searching for something entirely different in the Arial MS Unicode glyph set in Adobe InDesign, I came across this section:

glyph set for Control Characters

This shows that there is a dedicated set of Unicode Code points for the control characters, and indeed looking it up on you can find them in code block U+2400.

This gives you a Unicode code point to look for in a font's list of supported glyphs. lists, amongst others: Arial Unicode MS, Code2000, and Segoe UI Symbol. Unfortunately, none of the fonts listed have the dotted outline of your example.

If you don't mind using Flash, it seems FileFormat can check your local font set, and so determine if the symbols indeed do come ready and all out of one of your locally installed fonts, or possibly from somewhere else.

8/10/2015 1:52:00 PM