Can anyone suggest a free alternative to Corbel font for web use



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I've been searching for hours and hours, now days for a font that would fit my website as Corbel does. I know it might not look like the best font, but it fits my needs. I've found Ubuntu that is pretty similar, I tried "Open sans" of course, "Source sans", and even the good old verdana, which is not free...etc..

But none works.

Verdana is not free, and has a very ugly bold version.

Ubuntu is not looking good to me when you size it up, and not sharp enough when you size it down.

Open sans could have been the perfect match but the characters are a bit too squared compared to Corbel which has more rounded characters, and low profile lowercase characters.

I've tried Quicksand but the character's space is not good, even if I would want to use letter-spacing to fix this, it doesn't work.

Has anyone ever tried to find a good Corbel alternative?

EDIT: The closest I've found yet is "Quattrocento Sans" available on google font. It has the same spirit/feeling. Despite the fact that I don't like the G letter, I know i'm crazy.

Corbel:14px / Quattrocento Sans:13.5px

Google Font Collection that could match

EDIT 2: Actually not good enough

7/28/2015 6:15:00 AM


Maybe Amble could do the work:

9/30/2015 8:01:00 PM