Can two master pages be applied to one page in InDesign?


Is there a way of applying two master pages in one page?

I want to make an adjustable InDesign template for a report that could be used for various projects. So I want to have one of the master pages applied to all the pages of the report and the second master page to be applied again in all the pages but I want to have the ability to override only the items of the second master page.

7/23/2015 8:16:00 PM

No, multiple masters cannot be applied to a single page. Conceptually, master pages are alternate templates — an actual page in your document can only use 1 template at a time.

Now, you can do multiple master pages where subsequent master pages add to earlier master pages.

So, let's say you start with A-master. You can setup your basic page grid, etc. there. Then you add B-Master. When you create B-master you can choose for it to use A-master as its starting point. So the grid, etc. you have setup on A will show up in B. But you can then add more things, page numbers or graphics or a header to B without changing A. Changes you make to A will show up in B.

master examples

In this example, A-Basic Page Grid contains the rows, columns, and other guides that B,C, & D all are built on top of (see how they have the "A" over their pages, that means they are referencing A-Basic Page Grid).

making one master the child of another

Here you can see how B is based on A — Based on Master "A-Basic Page Grid"

These can continue to have parent/child relationships, so master C could be based on B, and thus be the grand-child of A... make sense?

If I understand your question, I think conceptually this should allow you to do what you want to.

7/24/2015 3:18:00 PM