Color values change between Illustrator and InDesign


I've googled and searched here for an answer to my question but haven't been able to find anything.

I designed several pieces of collateral, all using the same single color. Some of the pieces I designed in Illustrator, and one in InDesign.

The problem is, when I copy and paste the yellow color value (whether it's RGB or CMYK - I've tried both ways), it CHANGES between Illustrator and InDesign. The color stays the same between Illustrator documents, but if I C+P from InDesign - or vice versa - the color value literally changes before my eyes. And I don't mean it just "looks" different, the actual number changes.

Here's a real example:

Drew a box in Illustrator and chose the color #f8f1e0 / 2% 3% 12% 0%. Drew a box in InDesign, C+P'd the color values into it, and it DID change to the correct color for an instant. Clicked okay. Clicked back into the color picker and the color is now #f8f1e1 / 2% 3% 11% 0%.

If it's relevant, it seems the color will change to a marginally darker one every time.

And yes, both documents STARTED OUT as CMYK documents, and stayed that way. I also have my colors synchronized via Bridge. I'm working on CC 2015 and all programs are up to date.

Any clue what could be happening? Thank you in advance.

5/21/2018 3:10:00 PM

You have to use the same color settings (for RGB and CMYK) in both software. I suggest you to use FOGRA39 (or FOGRA27) profile for CMYK and sRGB profile for the RGB colorspace.

Go to: Edit > Color Settings... and set the right color settings for all CC software.

But, as said, you can't paste hex color value inside a CMYK colorspace. Instead, just copy the right color values.

7/8/2015 9:01:00 PM