Are street sign designs open source for public use / sale?


For example if I were to photoshop a deer crossing sign and make a few alterations then sell stickers / prints of the sign, can I be prosecute with copyright violation for using the likeness of the deer xing sign?

I suppose the answer would go for all signs and not just deer crossing.

6/26/2015 6:29:00 AM

Research shows that graphics accessible via this government link and in the document provided to printers, are open stores and available for reproduction.

Q: Is the MUTCD copyrighted? Do I need permission from FHWA to copy material from the MUTCD and include it in a book or other type of document?

A: The MUTCD is in the public domain and as such it is not copyrighted. Individuals can use material from the online version of the MUTCD, such as tables, figures, and text quotations, without seeking permission from the FHWA. When using or referencing material from the MUTCD, please be sure to reference the source as the MUTCD, 2009 Edition, published by FHWA at It is also helpful to include the section and paragraph number of the material quoted, so that readers can easily find the material in context within the full MUTCD.

Deer found on page 170.

So far nothing has been discovered on the official site regarding signs not illustrated in the documents and any respective possible copyright protection.

6/27/2015 3:54:00 AM