How can I tell if my .psd file can be saved as a vector image?


I have designed a logo for a client in Photoshop CS6 (I know, Illustrator, Illustrator) and all of the active layers consist either of Photoshop-generated shapes or editable text, aka nothing is a raster. While the .psd file does contain some rasterized layers, the only active ones are not. The company I must submit this logo to for printing only accepts full vector images in the file formats .pdf, .eps, and .ai. How can I save this file in such a way that I know that it maintains its vector qualities? Can I just save it as a PDF file as is?

6/25/2015 1:09:00 AM

Open your .PSD with the layers in Illustrator.

Then choose "convert layers to object."

Not sure if it works with that version of Illustrator, and maybe you'll need to merge other layers together that can be rasterized... but it's worth trying. It works with the new Illustrator version though.

It might not work for the objects or maybe you'll need to isolate them on another Photoshop with layers and import them.

Some details here

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM