What method to use to create opening animation for webpage


I need advice on what program to use to create an opening animation for a webpage that looks similar to this: http://melaniedaveid.com/

I am most familiar with adobe illustrator and am not familiar with coding. I'm wondering if creating the animation as a gif in illustrator would be the way to go? I want to be sure that it isn't going to be an issue with the webpage loading.

What program would be best for a beginner to use to illustrate an animation and what format for a webpage?

Thank you

6/24/2015 4:15:00 PM

With illustrator you can draw the lines and then export the svg code to your website

To make an effect like this:


You can learn more about svg animation here https://css-tricks.com/svg-line-animation-works/

6/24/2015 4:21:00 PM