How do I make a text cut in half effect?


Example Text

Hello everyone, I was scrolling through a feed on IG and found this really great text that I would like to manipulate and try on my own. Except, I have tried a couple different ways, and I just can't get as clean lines between the top half and bottom half of the text. Can anyone help me with this?


6/18/2015 8:29:00 PM

You are working with 2 different font layers.

1) First type out your word. Add a vector mask to the type layer. Then duplicate that type layer ctrl+j.

2) Then create a selection using the pen tool (p). You will want to inverse the selection and fill the outside of the area with black to hide the top part of the text.

first selection

Your bottom text layer will look like this

bottom text layer

3) select the layer mask by ctrl+left click on the layer vector mask. This will re-select the mask. Inverse the mask and apply a black fill for the top font layer.

top text layer

4) Move the top font layer to the right and your end result:

end result

This is how my layers stacked for example

example stacked layers

6/18/2015 8:31:00 PM