Open and edit a .wav file in Photoshop (view wavelength)


Trying to find a way (better and higher quality of a screenshot) to open a .wav file in Photoshop and view and edit the wavelength file.

Initially, I used Adobe Audition and Onde ScreenCapture. The file size saved was only a 15kb .png file. Very poor quality. It seems screenshots are the way to go, but I was hoping to find something (program, plug-in, etc.) to create higher resolution programs. They exist, just can't find it.

Does anyone know of any solutions I might look into to get higher quality wave form visualizations that could be used in print designs?

6/17/2015 2:43:00 PM

This will be dependent on the size and quality of your monitor, because it does use a screenshot, but here's what I did:

  1. First opened the .WAV file I wanted to capture in Adobe Audition which if you're using Photoshop you might have through your CC Subscription.
  2. Then went into Edit → Preferences → Appearance and changed the Waveform Foreground Color to be a super saturated red (255, 0, 0). That gets me something like this:

Audition 1

  1. Now with our high contrast image I'm just going to reduce all of the other panels as much as possible so the Waveform can take up the majority of my monitor.

  2. Print Screen

  3. Open in Photoshop, select Crop the area with the waveform from the remaining UI.

  4. Select Color Range and you're done. Not 300 ppi or anything but pretty good considering what you're after:

Audition Wave in Photoshop

I can now easily manipulate it however I want.

3/25/2018 11:07:00 PM