Adobe Illustrator: Inexplicable Transparency


I want to work on an SVG-File I downloaded from here:

I opened it in Illustrator and removed everything but the strokes. But there's a problem, there is some inexplicable transparency on the lines. Opacity is set to 100%, Blending Mode is "Normal", but see for yourself:

Transparency Effect on the overlap of two lines

Can you help me remove this effect?

Edit: Selected a line in the screenshot and here's a dropbox link to the actual file I'm working on:

6/7/2015 5:39:00 PM

Can you help me remove this effect?

To fix this in 2 minutes, you can select all the lines, and go in the menu "object" and then "flatten transparency".

Then you can fill these paths with a new color at 100% and it should work. Everything will still be in vector. And you won't need to verify each line's opacity; it's a very fast way to get rid of the issue.

What you see on the image attached is the result. Make sure to have the box "preserve alpha transparency" unchecked! Otherwise it will keep the transparency!

How to remove transparency from paths in Adobe Illustrator


This is a quick way to fix all the transparency issues for the paths and it can also help if the vector uses a brush stroke (as found in the brush library) and to flatten their transparency effect.

6/15/2015 8:23:00 AM