How can I cut up a raster image in Illustrator?


I want to split this apple (jpeg) into pieces along the outline I've created over it. I created and edited a pie chart/graph for the lines, then edited it to conform to the apple shape. I want to be able to show one piece of the "pie" at a time as a separate image. I tried path > divide objects below and all of the pathfinder combinations I could. I used the graph tool to create the "pie" and edited it by hand to conform it to the apple shape.

enter image description here

6/3/2015 7:48:00 PM

Illustrator is not designed to work with raster images but if you need to cut the image up. You can do like scott said and use a clipping mask.

You can use your existing lines. I used the pen tool to outline the shape.

apple 1

I then selected both the apple jpg and the path I just created.

Go to the transparency panel and select clip

apple clip

the end result

clipped apple

This is not the best approach but it is a way to "split" the image.

Note: If doing this, then you would need to copy the original image for each cutout you do.

6/3/2015 7:55:00 PM