How to scale down to an exact pixel dimension?


I'm copying and pasting an Illustrator CS3 vector graphic into Photoshop CS3. I need it to be exactly 32px high, so I enter "32px" in the transform settings.

transform photoshop lock

To my chagrin, the final image comes out to be 33px high. So I try locking the transform height at 31px and it still comes out at 33px high. Then I try to lock the transform height at 30px and it comes out at 31px high. It has skipped 32px!!!

1/10/2012 7:53:00 PM

Disregard my previous answer here. False Positive. It looked like that was the case, but I was wrong.

Update: One thing that did seem to work, for real this time :), is to set the registration point (leftmost side of the Transform options) to be top-left. For me this caused Photoshop to lock the 32px height and automatically round the width to a full-pixel value as well.

I am also noticing that this might have something to do with the X/Y position of the center registration point. I can only reproduce this problem when I cause both its X and Y values to fall between pixels (e.g., X: 258.5px and Y: 260.5px instead of 258.0 and 260.0).

1/11/2012 4:42:00 AM