How to constrain a large image over multiple artboards


I am trying to place a large image over multiple artboards in illustrator. The image stretches over 8 artboards. I would like each artboard to be able to separate constraining the image proportions to each artboard. When I save as .ai and check separated artboards it will save the artboards individually but each board contains the entire image instead of the portion of the image I want.

4/4/2016 6:01:00 PM

The Artboard never split an image unless you export it to Jpg using Artboard here is my solution:

  1. arrange your artboard the way you want
  2. place the image and stretch it over all your Artboard the way you want

enter image description here

  1. export the file as JPG or TIF and check the checkbox use Artboard

enter image description here

  1. Illustrator will export all your artboard into some individual images, you will notice that each Artboard will export a portion from the bidder image version. you will notice that each file name have a suffix with the artboard name. you will never get lost.

enter image description here

-- if you for artboard that have a portion of the bigger image individual so you have to continue with the next steps.

  1. Now return to the illustrator and delete the bigger image.
  2. place the images that you have just exported into illustrator each image in its artboard.

enter image description here

-- That's it.

5/16/2015 6:07:00 AM