InDesign CS6 Forms Radio Buttons Not Behaving as Expected


I am using InDesign CS6 (Mac) to create a one-page data entry form, and it contains three sets of radio buttons where only one choice is allowed for each set. Each of the buttons is supposed to have a square box, and the checked button is supposed to have a square box with a check mark inside. However, when I pull the generated PDF in Acrobat, the buttons exhibit some unexpected behavior as shown in this shot: Screenshot of radio buttons

If I click on one of the buttons, it will show the square box with check mark, and if I just hover over it the empty square box will appear. But if I click elsewhere, the ugly circles show, with the black dot indicating the selected box for that set.

I have looked at every setting and selection within InDesign for a couple days now, and I cannot see anything wrong. Has anyone else seen this behavior and found a way to fix it?

UPDATE: the link to the InDesign file and the generated PDF is here:

5/9/2015 3:27:00 PM

First, how are you designing the buttons? Did you pull them from the sample buttons menu or did you just make a box and set it as a button? What it looks like to me is the appearance layers are mixed up. Go into your "Buttons and Forms" pane and look at the appearance and see if you see a box in the mouseover selection, check the click on and click off selections as well.

8/10/2015 9:14:00 PM