I've created an InDesign layout which contains spreads, 2 letter-size sheets side by side on each PDF "page."

I'm trying to figure out how to print the PDF so that each letter sized sheet prints onto its own letter sized page of paper. Can't figure out what Acrobat print settings to use. Or perhaps something I have to tweak in the InDesign file?

Here's the example PDF I'm trying to print:

Any help is much appreciated!

5/7/2015 6:12:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Export your file from InDesign as single pages.

Then in Acrobat under File > Properties > Initial Display, set that to display as two-up with cover. Save if you want this to be the default PDF view.

Close and reopen the PDF after setting the Initial View or in the View menu, choose Page Display > Two Page view to adjust the current open PDF

This will show spreads in Acrobat, but print as single pages.

5/7/2015 6:34:00 AM