Which should be designed first: logo or website?


I am about to ask someone to create a website design for me but I am not sure if the website should drive the logo design or the logo drive the website design.

Should I have a logo design first or after?

5/4/2015 10:58:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Should I have a logo design first or after?


You should have some business strategy created first. In doing this, you will gain some insights as to what your full branding strategy needs to be. A branding strategy will include a wide range of elements depending on your business and strategy.

Ultimately, it will include both a logo and a web site and, since neither have been created yet, it'd make the most sense that they are created in unison along with the overall brand identity.

5/4/2015 5:06:00 PM

Logo first. Why? There are a few reasons:

  • Logo is the theme of your brand [identity/property] in many ways. If you don't know your theme how are you going to capture a thematic site?
  • Logo is your focal, you can't [accurately] build around a focal without a focal.
  • Logo sets the color palette and perhaps other things such as font-face, drop-shadow, text-highlight, padding, or other standards.
  • Logo sets the proportion, spacing schema, and font-feel which rubs off heavy on the rest of the theme flow and consistency.
  • Logo sets the font face which affects things like icon set, various radii, kerning (relates to repeated element spacing).
  • Your website themer/coder will def want to work from a logo first approach: he/she cannot guess, predict, or read the mind of your brand. Its your ship to steer, not his.
  • Logos are extremely simple to make when compared to an encompassing site theme[*]. It saves TONS of time if you have a logo first rather than deciding later that the theme needs tweaked to match a logo that didn't exist.

[*] Assumes equal knowledge of utilizing rich vector apps and building rich web apps.